Saturday, June 11, 2011

Evanston Exodus

I went out for a run yesterday, and as I was slowly making my way through the NU portion of downtown Evanston, I noticed that all around me there were undergrads and parentals packing up to leave for the summer. It was all happening slowly and quietly. That coupled with the gloomy weather that rolled in with a recent thunderstorm made the whole scene a little bit odd because it didn't seem like there was any energy in the air at all. I half expected all of the color to drain away leaving behind a gray scene.

Although all of the folks that are graduating are sticking behind through at least the end of next week, we won't be far behind in leaving E-town. I know that I'm just about ready to head out. I've boxed everything that I'll be shipping to myself and have given or thrown away just about everything except my bed and a lamp.

I'll spend the next few days cleaning the apartment and sorting out the small things before my flight out next Sunday.

Things have been pretty slow since wrapping up grad school. It feels like the days have gone from 100 MPH to just idling by. There are no more team emails, cases to read, HW assignments, or school events; just lots of free time. I'm making the most of it to relax, reflect, read, and recharge before I merge back onto the 100MPH highway in October with work.

There was one other thing that I saw during my run yesterday that absolutely blew my mind: The Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette. I was about halfway through my run when I noticed the large, white domed building, which I would have never imagined coming across in this area. It's amazing and well worth seeing in person.

Here is an image of it from Wikipedia.


  1. Sacrilege !! .. 2 years in Evanston and you are seeing the Bahai temple only now, when you are about to leave !!

  2. I know! I wouldn't have even known it existed if it weren't for a series of small decisions, including the one that day to extend my run. I'm going to try and head back to it with the family when they are in town.

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