Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last Bidding Bonanza: #5

I put in my class bids earlier today for the last quarter, making it the last time I'll ever get to go through Bidding Bonanza. I've had mixed success with bidding in the past, with my 3rd foray becoming an "integral" (read throwaway exhibit) part of a Harvard case, but in the end, my schedule has always worked out pretty well.

I put in bids for five classes, but to be perfectly honest, I only plan on taking three classes again next quarter. The remaining two classes are both 1-point hail mary plays that I don't really expect to get, though they would make for fantastic backups in case I don't get all of my first choices.

I went with a bit of a risky strategy given the points I have left in order to try to lock up a 2-day schedule (classes on only 2 days), and it could cost me big time. I feel a little silly going for the 2-day schedule, because I know that even if I get it I'll probably find myself having to go to Jacobs on the other days for group meetings, but the possibility of three-day weekends is just too tempting.

If I don't get the classes in the first round, there is no way I'll be able to get any of the times for the same classes in the 2nd round due to the usual bid-inflation. At the very least, I need to get into an international class to fulfill the global elective requirement in order to graduate.

As things stand now, I'll be graduating with two majors: Marketing and Management & Organizations. It's possible that I'll also get Management & Strategy, which would be an unexpected bonus.

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