Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hours breakdown across activities for the last 2 weeks

Activity 2/13 - 2/19 2/20 - 2/26
Blog 1.85.3
Gym 2.84.5
Guitar 3.91.6
Walking 4.53.9
Coding 5.410
Talk to GF 6.68.1
IT Mktg 6.917.1
Tech Mktg 11.45.9
Mktg Channels 16.415.2
Sleep 48.952.2
Misc 59.544.2

A few things to note.
  • The time I spend on Mktg Channels is high because of a heavy reading workload and a group project, which we've been ramping up on lately
  • The changes in IT Mktg and Mktg Channels are driven by team assignments. I had an IT Mktg assignment due on 2/15, a Tech Mktg one due on 2/17, and an IT Mktg one due on 2/25
  • Coding saw a big jump because I was adding some stuff to the time-tracking app to get it ready to submit to iTunes
  • Misc is stuff like sending emails, scheduling meetings, doing laundry, washing dishes, watching the Youtubes, etc.

The iPhone app, which I'm using to track this information, is coming along well. I added the ability to export the time log to a CSV file, which you can download off of the iPhone to mess with in Excel. There were also a number of UI changes and other minor touch ups.

Main window

Activity window

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