Thursday, February 3, 2011

BCG Twitter activity picking up

I recently noticed that more BCG Twitter accounts have sprung up since the last time I checked.
  • BConsultantG - This is the oldest account and by far the most active...though that is still pretty inactive all things considered. Tweeter is a North American consultant
  • BCGinsider - The second account to spring up.  Also from a consultant somewhere in North America
  • BCG_Consultant - One of the newest accounts. Not sure where the Tweeter is located
  • BCG_Associate - The other new account...obviously from an associate
The objective of all of the accounts seems to be to provide a perspective of life at BCG, and the last two are even up for answering questions via DM or @replies. The newest accounts look official, though it may be part of a grassroots initiative within the company for all I know.

Either way, I am really glad to see the company finally starting to get active in this space. I think that when you have a strong culture and offer a great environment to work and grow in, being as transparent as possible about the company is a huge competitive advantage, particularly for recruiting. That's why I wrote about why companies should embrace social media a few months back. Although I am extremely^2 biased, I think the company (Texas system at least :) ) offers all that and more (Fortune seems to agree given they ranked it the 2nd best company to work for this year), and although I have absolutely no power going into the company, I was hoping to try and get them to embrace social media more. Maybe now I won't have to worry about it!

Oh, and they also dolled up their website, BCG Perspectives, for sharing research, interviews, etc, a la Kellogg Insight. Always a good move in my opinion.


  1. What kind of package did BCG offer you?

  2. Sorry, but I don't feel comfortable going into the detail. Suffice to say, the firm benchmarks its package against its peers, and it was enough so that the package had no bearing on the decision (cleared the I can live off of that bar).

  3. I think the original poster is alluding to your over fawning of BCG when the firm is not exactly the pinnacle of one's career if you get what i'm trying to say. Good luck at BCG though and your remaining Kellogg time!

  4. Oh. Haha. I totally missed that! Thanks for clarifying.


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