Sunday, January 9, 2011

How much the MBA has cost so far

I spent some time updating my financials, and now I have a better picture of what I've spent so far in grad school, excluding tuition.

Food Bills Misc Total
Q1 $1,601$6,566$13,225$21,392

A lot of things to note about this information.
  • First and foremost, this is not meant to scare anyone off from grad school. Coming to Kellogg has easily been one of the best decisions in my life (even better than when I decided to stop wearing silk shirts in high school). Although the numbers exclude tuition, it is pretty much in line with the $150K estimates that I found before starting. I'm only reporting on money out, so it doesn't include my internship income, which helped offset a big chunk of this.
  • The Q1 numbers are really high because it includes the tuition down payment, my KWEST trip expenses, ski trip expenses, a new laptop, new furniture, etc.
  • Food includes what I've spent both dining out and on groceries. Dining out represents the lion's share.
  • Bills includes rent, electricity, cell phone, etc.
  • Misc is everything else, like books, Amazon purchases, and lots of round trips to Austin to visit the GF.
  • I've excluded some things that are fairly unique to me, like anything related to my rental property.
  • I am fairly certain this is a good approximation of what you can expect to pay at pretty much any comparable institution.  


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