Friday, November 12, 2010

My First (and maybe last) Annual MBA Twitter Ranking

Businessweek just announced their 2010 full-time MBA rankings, which placed Kellogg in the number 4 slot. That got me to thinking, "With so many different organizations that have MBA rankings, why can't I have one?"

Before I knew it, I was putting together my First Annual MBA Twitter Ranking, an accurate and completely objective attempt to rank different business schools' usage of social media by only looking at one source, Twitter. For the sake of ease, I decided to focus solely on the top 25 US programs based on the BW rankings.

Without further ado, I present the 2010 rankings.

2010 MBA Twitter Rankings
School Followers TweetsFollowingListedRankBW Rank
Berkeley - Haas 5,1761,6751,79752618
Kellogg 5,2259341,44241424
Stanford GSB 4,5716346539935
Columbia 4,15783812732549
Harvard 3,184658021352
Yale 2,06035517167621
Dartmouth - Tuck 1,852550577156714
NC - Kenan Flagler 1,586605452113816
Virginia - Darden 1,53933675138911
Chicago - Booth 1,06528910174101
MIT - Sloan 1,046232193581110
Duke - Fuqua 87761973109126
Cornell - Johnson 80037730721313
Georgia Tech 57115768501423
CM - Tepper 475284198511515
UT - McCombs 415205403391625
SMU - Cox 3965525391712
Indiana - Kelley 38022358491819
NYU - Stern 2993075271918
Michigan State - Broad 25817797232020
UCLA - Anderson 19619019212117
Emory - Goizueta 522002222
Wharton* ----233
Ross ----237
Notre Dame - Mendoza ----2324

Congratulations to UC Berkeley Haas on their ascension to the coveted #1 spot on the list!

A lot of intense number crunching, to the tune of 1 excel formula, went into this list. I don't want to reveal my proprietary formula, but I can discuss how the weights were set.

Priority was given to the number of followers and the number of lists for each school, given that those are both metrics based on external actions that are not as easily gamed by the schools. It's true that any of the schools could take the time to create a lot of Twitter accounts or lists to bias these metrics, but I hope that no one would waste the time to do so.  Tweets and Followers were given less priority, given that these are both metrics that, while indicative of the school's involvement and activity, can easily be inflated. Furthermore, from my own tweeting, I can say that a high number of tweets does not necessarily equate to the value or informativeness of those tweets.

A few takeaways from my compilation of all of this data:
  • The number of tweets that Twitter reports per account seems to be very buggy. For example, Kellogg was at 1500+ tweets a few days ago, and now it is at 934.
  • It is somewhat difficult to find some of the schools' official Twitter accounts via a standard Google or Bing search. If I can't just search for "Your School Name" + "Business" or "MBA" + "Twitter" and find the official account, that's probably not a good sign.
  • Some of the schools need to do something about their Twitter backgrounds. I think this is important from a branding perspective. MIT Sloan, I'm looking right at you. -> (their background looks nicer in the new Twitter, which doesn't work for me).
  • There should be 1 official main account for the program, and it should be easily distinguishable from any others. For Goizueta, I couldn't tell if GoizuetaBusinessSch or EmoryGoizueta was the official account. And it looks like neither one is....just found their official account, GoizuetaMBA.
  • I think it's safe to say that business schools have embraced Twitter, though to varying extents 

*So, I found out that Wharton does in fact have a Twitter account, @wharton, but it is a consolidated account for both their undergraduate and graduate programs. That said, their Twitter account is doing amazingly well, but since it isn't a dedicated MBA program account, I didn't rank it. For the record, the consolidated @MITsloan account is also doing very well. I never said this thing was perfect. I'll have to implement a more exhaustive analysis in the 2nd annual ranking.

I've also updated the list for a few other schools that have accounts that I eventually found. Again, I think these should have been a lot easier to find on Bing/Google.


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