Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From ClearAdmit Best of Bloggin' nominee to....

winner, which I am so grateful for! Thanks to everyone that visits the blog, whether by accident (sorry) or intentionally (really sorry).  I'm glad that I can do a small bit to share this amazing experience o' mine with all of you.

Stephen came out from under his rock, which I have to admit is pretty nice, to write a detailed post about the ClearAdmit 2009-2010 Best of Bloggin' results earlier today.  I wish that I could just copy and paste his entire entry here because it pretty much says everything there is to say about it.

Fortunately, Kellogg had a very strong showing in the final results.
  • DreamChaser, an incoming Class of 2012 student, took home the award for #1 applicant blog, as well as a few of the other honors
  • Dino got the #2 best student blog, as well as the Best Resource for Applicants award, which was well earned
  • Stephen grabbed on to the #7 best student blog position and Best Representation of Student Life award
  • and yours truly took home the #1 student blog award, as well as a few of the other items
There were also some notable bloggers that I've had the pleasure of interacting with that either placed, including BizWiz, The Dreamer (not to be confused with Dreamchaser as I did earlier today much to my chagrin....I'm so sorry about that Dreamer!!),  or were missing, including Jeremy, who I imagine was excluded because he is in the JD portion of the JD-MBA program right now.  On top of these fine folks, there are a number of other bloggers worth checking out in the final list.

As Stephen mentioned in his post, the ClearAdmit page is a fantastic resource for applicants.  I still check their Fridays from the Frontline posts regularly to see what is going on with students and applicants.  

After the results were announced, I received an email from Kellogg's Director of Web Marketing and New Media to congratulate me.  That is one of the neat things that I've experienced at Kellogg so far; they have been very supportive of the blogging and tweeting.  For example, a few months back when I was in the Boston University Tech Case competition, the @KelloggSchool Twitter account, which is managed by a very nice admin that I've met, helped spread the word about our team.  And today, they tweeted this:

How cool is that?

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  1. Bravo Orlando! Well-deserved. I hope to help follow the lead next year. And I suspect you may be correct re: JD-MBA, as I was unfortunately (and at the time surprisingly) dropped from the Clear Admit MBA list a few months back.


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