Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trend of nielsen ratings for the 1st and 30th broadcast TV show

This is for my portion of the group project in Advanced Business Strategy (MGMT-943).  I'm hoping (available data willing) to analyze two questions regarding NBC's programming strategy:
  1. Should they build a portfolio of channels via acquisitions?
  2. Should they create their own programming or buy it from external production studios?
The chart above shows the audience trends based on Nielsen ratings for the 1st and 30th broadcast TV show each season from 1980 through 2006. The downward trend is due to both an increase in channels (both network and cable) and an increase in original programming on those channels. Although I initially thought that the decrease may also be due to substitutes (videogames, internet, playing outside, etc), Nielsen released a chart at the end of 2009 showing that the time spent watching TV is higher than ever.

I'm still looking for more data, but my initial impression is that they should continue to purchase channels in order to maintain their ad revenues, but that could change based on further research.

BTW, if you are an incoming classmate (Class of 2012) with a blog, please let me know! I'd love to add all of you to my list of Kebloggers (I know the name is lame), and unfortunately, I don't have time to follow the various blogs to know everyone that is incoming.


  1. Thanks; you are covered! I added you and Unplugged last night, and that prompted me to put up that note asking for others that may be out there.

  2. DreamChaser, didn't know you were already committed to Kellogg. Nice!


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