Thursday, April 15, 2010

Consulting Club Results - 2nd place

Sad Clown
My team lost the election, though it hasn't been "officially" announced yet. I figure they'll hammer the nail in the coffin tomorrow. All told (case competitions, leadership elections, exchange program), my win streak at Kellogg has been rather pathetic. It's too bad that I probably won't ever have to write another "Describe a time you failed" essay, because I am totally locked and loaded now.

After we learned the results, I sent the new leadership team all of the feedback we received from 2nd years about full-time recruiting. I'm hoping that they'll be able to use it to put some stuff together this year for our classmates (and who knows, maybe myself) that will be recruiting next fall. They had some interesting ideas, including an overhaul of the 1st-year prep, so there should be some good stuff in the pipeline for all of the incoming students.  Oh, and they also have some shared leadership roles with a few other clubs, including the Women's Business Association, so maybe they'll find some opportunities for synergastic goodness.

My official role with the Consulting Club is over, though I'm sure that I'll still help folks out individually whenever I can.  I hadn't really planned on doing anything else next year, so I'm going to just chill for a while and see if I come across anything that interests me.  Worst case scenario, I'll just take advantage of the extra free time to explore Chicago some more.


  1. sux dude...check out more clubs K has to offer..or..start up your own :) of luck next year!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes!

    Of course I wish we had won given the time we put into it, but it's not a big deal. Now that I'm not committed to anything next year, I have a ton of option value.

  3. I am sorry to hear that Orlando~ really rooting for you guys since two of you guys are bloggers and have been so helpful in my application process. I hope the winning team won't disappoint, as I really thought you guys would do a great job! And just as you said, this minor setback won't deter you from doing great things next year, and I am sure many first year will turn to you for help in the future!

  4. hey Orlando.. i am sorry to just hear that. I thought your team of Performance Enhancer would definitely outbeat in the club leadership competition.. But such is life, and we are all lucky to experience these setbacks and get new leanrning in the school context. Cheer up and I am sure you will find new challenges to load you soon :) And, most importantly, thank you for all the knowledge & experience sharing in this blog.. its really awesome and benefits me a lot.


  5. Hey Jeff,

    Glad to hear that you have some bit of utility from the blog.

    As far as the election goes, I wasn't the least bit upset. Just like recruiting, you can only do so much, but then it is out of your hands. I just saw a great TED Talk on being happy that I thought summed it up nicely: "You can control the actions, but the outcome is totally out of your control. So invest in the process, not in the outcome."

    See you on campus in the fall!



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