Saturday, March 27, 2010

35 hours awake....1 presentation!

I am in the hotel room with my team, most of whom are already asleep. We were awake for 35 hours for the Boston University International Tech Strategy Business Case Competition.  The event was hosted by BU and sponsored by Ericsson.  Although I wish that I could describe the experience in detail, my body is rapidly failing me given the lack of sleep.  Suffice to say that we had an amazing time.

The case was basically "What should Ericsson's strategy be in the impending Sea of Connectivity (aka Internet of Things)?"  We spent 24 hours researching, ideating, and putting together a presentation that we delivered to a panel of 4 judges, who were all Ericsson executives.

Here is our executive summary.
In the next decade, 50 billion devices will come online in the global “Sea of Connectivity”.  This unprecedented level of connectivity will result in an extraordinary level of challenges with partner relationships, device interconnectability, and network infrastructure.  Given these challenges, Ericsson is uniquely positioned to orchestrate a networked ecosystem where it becomes the data gateway via strategic partnerships.  Ericsson’s expertise and leadership in this industry will allow it to create new business models to capitalize on increased data consumption, develop open interconnectability standards to allow devices to communicate, and deploy the high-speed, global network infrastructure necessary to make this vision into a reality.  This innovation will lead to unprecedented benefits on a global scale for Ericsson and its partners.
And the slides from our presentation.  Please keep in mind, the slides were used purely as a visual supplement to our oral presentation, so they don't tell the whole story.
Unfortunately, Slideshare doesn't handle animations at all, so there are some missing "slides."  If you want the full experience, then I'd recommend that you download the presentation via the "Menu" option in the widget above.

Presenting Team Tokyo 2010!

Myself, Pranav, Justin , Rob

This was the kind of weekend that reminds me of how lucky I am to be going through this unbelievable and memorable experience.

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