Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Practicing For MORS450 Week6

In this speech, we can choose to focus either on the intro or conclusion of a presentation. We have 2 minutes, which is actually plenty of time, and we can select any topic.

After next week, we have one more small speech, and then our two final speeches, which are both ~6 minutes long and have to be delivered in front of the entire class. I'm guessing that it is going to take me a long time to prep for those speeches.


  1. Hi Orlando,

    I have been a silent follower and admirer of your blog. I find your writing very crisp and pertinent.

    I have been reading your notes about wanting to develop better communication skills and took the opportunity to view the video you have posted with this blog.

    Like you, I am an IT professional myself. I have had a decent amount of communication skills development through my school and undergrad, often conducting presentation and communication workshops for my fellow students and in other fora.

    I had some feedback based on this particular video that I wanted to share with you, but didn't want to come across as forcing my thoughts.

    Do drop me a note if you are interested in having it and I will be happy to either leave a comment or email it to you.


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