Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

I was reading through some Harvard Business Review articles in the QSR at Kellogg when I decided to do a quick Google search of "kellogg mba" to see where this little ole' blog of mine falls.  It's been moving off and on the first page of results for quite some time, presumably as a result of my increased/decreased posting and Google's tweaking of their search algorithm.  Much to my delight, today I found it nestled in between the #3 result from and the #5 result from Wikipedia; that's right, I was #4!

I'm a big fan of setting goals for myself, since it keeps me focused and motivated, and getting "to the point where my blog is one of the top 5 results that pops up when you search for "kellogg mba" on Google" was one of them.

HUGE thanks to all of you that drop by and read my posts, add your perspective and insights (via comments), and provide invaluable advice for my public speaking (it is all much appreciated).  

The biggest benefit that I derive from maintaining this blog is the opportunity to interact with people that I otherwise might not have come across.  Seriously, how cool is it that we can so easily form friendships and interact with people that are thousands of miles away?

BTW, here is a taste of the articles that I'm reading this week for MORS-441, Managing People for Competitive Advantage.
I'm looking forward to discussing them in class tonight.


  1. That's quite some accomplishment, congrats Orlando! I think you being able to really focus the content of your personal Kellogg experience and create a clear identify is very much the key to the success. It really takes some courage to put your public speaking for online display! :) I think your blog can make a great case for branding in the Internet sphere. :)

  2. Thanks a lot DreamChaser! I'm glad to see that you had a great time at DAK.

  3. Congratulations Orlando! Maybe its your official sounding Blog name or insightful and succinct content, but I have started following your blog as an 'official/representative' account of a Kellogg student's life. Keep up the postings, I'll be reading for sure!

    Oh and wish me luck, I have my Kellogg interview today!

  4. Raina, I hope that the interview went well! Maybe we'll end up chatting in the atrium at Kellogg next year :)


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