Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Practicing for the next MORS450 Speech

I have my next MORS-450 speech tonight, so of course that means more iMovie practice!

The theme for this one is "Keep It Simple," and our goal is to explain something complex in a way that is accessible. As with all of our speeches, we are supposed to focus on both content and style, since either one can improve or worsen the presentation. I chose to go with "Writing Better Computer Programs" because that's just how I roll.

One of the pieces of feedback that I received last week was to not turn my back on the audience when I am moving to different parts of the room, so I wanted to practice side stepping.  I also wanted to focus on eye contact, though I didn't receive critiques on that area last week.

After practicing a few times, I realized that it is really hard to work on eye contact when I am looking at a plain wall.  I plan on taping some "targets" to my wall to help out with my future practice sessions.

I made a few mistakes during this go round, but hopefully it isn't anything too distracting.

Here are some screenshots from the Powerpoint slides that I am using in the presentation.
  • The sample Perl function

  • After using whitespace to improve layout

  • Then using descriptive names to convey information

  • Finally adding in comments to make it easier to understand


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