Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Practicing for the next MORS450 Speech

I have my next MORS-450 speech tonight, so of course that means more iMovie practice!

The theme for this one is "Keep It Simple," and our goal is to explain something complex in a way that is accessible. As with all of our speeches, we are supposed to focus on both content and style, since either one can improve or worsen the presentation. I chose to go with "Writing Better Computer Programs" because that's just how I roll.

One of the pieces of feedback that I received last week was to not turn my back on the audience when I am moving to different parts of the room, so I wanted to practice side stepping.  I also wanted to focus on eye contact, though I didn't receive critiques on that area last week.

After practicing a few times, I realized that it is really hard to work on eye contact when I am looking at a plain wall.  I plan on taping some "targets" to my wall to help out with my future practice sessions.

I made a few mistakes during this go round, but hopefully it isn't anything too distracting.

Here are some screenshots from the Powerpoint slides that I am using in the presentation.
  • The sample Perl function

  • After using whitespace to improve layout

  • Then using descriptive names to convey information

  • Finally adding in comments to make it easier to understand


  1. Great job! I am glad you used the hands on the side style! :D very smart to work on eye contacts (and using fake targets to practice!) The tricky part is to keep it at the right length, so it doesn't feel like you are staring someone down or darting nervously from one person to another. Great job overall!

  2. Thanks a lot DreamChaser! I can see feel myself slowly getting more comfortable with the whole experience. It feels great!


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