Monday, January 11, 2010

Practicing for MORS450 Speech

My first speech in Management Communications, MORS-450, is coming up this Tuesday night, so I've been practicing for it via iMovie.  The assignment is to deliver bad news to a panel of superiors and request more resources (time, money, people, etc), a situation that occurs frequently at work.  We have a maximum of three minutes for the presentation, and afterward, we'll receive feedback from our classmates, who have all been instructed to be brutally honest.

It seems easy enough, and yet, I only completed the presentation 4 out of about 30 times during tonight's practice session, which lasted a little under an hour.  I still have one more night to work on this, so hopefully I'll get it together before presenting it in front of my group.  Until then, enjoy this video I put together of a few of tonight's takes.


  1. Awesome.

    Best line = "Finding a lot of great defects."

  2. Good luck with the presentation!
    Orlando, I've sent you an e-mail, could please chk it when you get some time.

  3. nice job, but a bit too memorized, id say relax and be more engaging and connecting with your audience if you want to dampen their resultant criticisms

  4. @anonymous, thanks for the recommendations! Hopefully I can improve on that a bit tonight.

    @TheDreamer, as far as I can tell, I haven't gotten the email. Can you please resend it and make sure that you include "kmblog" somewhere in the subject; that way my filter will sort it appropriately.

  5. nice job! :)

    a few suggestions based on what I learned from a presentation class - keep your hands on your side when you are not gesturing and use larger gesture instead of small gesture (of course don't over do it) and walk and look from side to side if you are presenting in front of a crowd. Also agree with Anonymous on the relaxing and engaging part.

    good luck!

  6. The fact that you can tape and watch yourself is very impressive. You're doing everything you should be doing to get better. I'm not sure what the forum will be for this speech(i.e. seated, standing at a podium, casual conversation over lunch.) but I have some ideas that could help you take it over the top.

    You're doing a good job matching the speech with your hand motions. Early in your speech you mention "first" and I think you could increase the impact by holding up one finger. Another area that might help you seem more relaxed is moving around which is hard to do while taping. Lastly you can try varying your vocal tone to stress specific points. Louder to stress specific points (We need more money!) or softer to make light of something. (such as bad news the team didn't perform as well as they could)

    Overall I'm really impressed. let me know if you want to chat sometime before you speech.


  7. Hi all!

    Thanks a lot for all of your feedback. I'll be incorporating a lot of the suggestions into my practice the rest of the quarter.

    The biggest challenge for me is how to transform my regular conversational style, which is energetic, and at times even over-the-top, into something that works for public speaking.

    Unfortunately, I still haven't learned how to subdue myself to the right level.


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