Monday, December 7, 2009

Business Strategy is over

I took the Biz Strat final earlier today, so I'm officially done with my 2nd class at Kellogg. Although I've heard mixed reviews about this course from my classmates, I really enjoyed it, in part because it gave me a nice set of tools for performing a quick analysis of business issues, which are normally presented in articles on WSJ/NYT. Whereas before I'd read an article about a business situation and end at "Oh. That's interesting," now I'd probably try to put it in the context of added value, value creation, positioning, etc.

The other reason that I enjoyed the course was because of Professor Mazzeo, who is extremely animated and involved in his lectures. You can immediately tell from his classes and accessibility how interested he is in the topic and in teaching in general; for example, last night he was on campus answering questions in the Loud Study Room, and he has a Twitter account for highlighting interesting articles, which he would pull into our discussions from time to time.   He is also kind of a bad ass, periodically giving business insights in magazines, TV shows, and radio programs.

The course was organized around weekly modules of 2 classes, with one class for lecturing on the current topic and the other class for discussing a case that pertained to the topic.  My only criticism for the course was regarding the case discussions; I wish that there had been more debate amongst classmates on differing viewpoints for the cases.  We rarely had cases where people drew a line in the sand and rigorously debated 2 sides of an issue.


  1. Did you only have the two questions, or did you also have the five true/false/uncertain questions?

  2. We also had the True/False/Uncertain questions. Those were fun.

  3. ugh this post is so boring

  4. Hey Orlando,

    Thanks for blogging about your life at Kellogg. I'm in the part-time program. This post however, troubled me a little. I'm not sure if you are aware, but the mid-term questions are often repeated from quarter2quarter. I just had this exact question over a week ago, so I would suggest not posting the questions. I'd hate to see you get in trouble, especially because I enjoy reading your blog a lot!


    Kellogg PTMBA Student

  5. Thanks for the heads up! I was under the impression that the questions weren't reused across quarters, so I'm glad that you were able to clarify that. I went ahead and deleted them to avoid any potential problems.



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