Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Observations from the frontline

  • Davis Street seems very popular with the Evanston crowd. It is also a great way of cutting across the "Kellogg" portion of Evanston to campus. Along the way you'll find the Post Office, an "El" train stop, a bicycle shop, a skateboard shop, Red Mango (yogurt shop that was full of students at 9:30p), 7-11 that is open 24 hours, a liquor store, Ace Hardware, Jamba Juice, and more. The Davis and Orrington/Sherman cross section is particularly eventful.
  • There are lots of Asian (dim sum, noodle houses, sushi, stir fry, etc) restaurants in the area
  • If your mom likes flowers and plant-life in general, then she will enjoy the Northwestern campus
  • Evanston is a great walking/cycling city. They have bike lanes all over the place, and I haven't seen any cars parked in the lanes. I'm curious to see how many cyclists there will be come winter
  • Walmart and Target are far away. Ikea is even farther away (40 minutes to get there). I don't plan on going to any very often after this week, unless I can bum a ride from a classmate
  • The LA Fitness on Sherman is very upscale. All of the equipment looks fairly new and in pristine condition. The basketball courts are large, and the class room in the back has a nice view. The towel service wasn't as nice as I was hoping for; the towel only covered 80% of me when wrapped around the waist (I exposed my leg), and it felt like sandpaper. The provided towels aren't recommended for showering.
  • The pool at LA Fitness is great. It has 4 lanes and is 25 yards long. The pool is designed with wave guards on the sides to keep the water from getting choppy.
  • The hot tub at LA Fitness is not hot. It's more like a warm tub.
  • Some of the people (that I'm assuming are students) look like they are 14. I know I look young, but wow...
  • My 1-BR apartment is much larger than I was expecting. Given the spartan amount of furniture I have, a studio would have definitely worked. Nonetheless, I really like the location and the apt so far.

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