Sunday, August 9, 2009

I've Arrived!


We (the parentals and I) set out for Evanston on Saturday at 6AM. After 19 hours of driving (1200) miles, we arrived at Evanston on 1AM Sunday. I think my dad remembered the last time they rode with me in their car in Austin, when I almost wrecked it; I only drove for 3 of the 19 hours. The rest of the time, I accompanied my mom in cheerleading my dad's driving prowess.

The apartment office is closed on Sundays, so we stayed at a local hotel yesterday and today. We spent most of today walking around Evanston and the Northwestern campus. When we arrived at the Kellogg building, which was locked, my mom snapped the "jumping-for-joy" pic you see above; check out the air I got. Tomorrow morning, I'll officially move in to my apartment.


  1. Pretty impressive! be honest, how many "takes" did that take? Or was that on the first try!

  2. It took 3 attempts to get that shot. I have the pictures from the others, but they aren't as spectacular.


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