Saturday, July 11, 2009

BCG Interview Materials

BCG Interview Materials, originally uploaded by oneillo.
I was in the middle of packing up the last of my things, when i came across my almost-new $50 padfolio (only used twice), which contained my notes from the four case problems and the company materials I had received.

I glanced over the case notes, recalling the wave of thoughts and emotions that accompanied each one and the indescribable joy/relief that I felt after "murdering" the final two.

Anyways, I thought that some of you might want to see the materials I received. I showed them to my GF, who is a graphic designer for an advertising agency, and she seemed impressed with them and the "Grow Further" slogan.

Speaking of BCG, I went through the CareerLeader assessment for Kellogg last week. According to my final report, Strategic Planning and Business Development was the only career path that I had a high affinity towards. Management consulting was a moderate match. Assuming that this is accurate, it could be fun to do some strategy consulting post grad school..

Anyways, back to my packing. I move out of my home of four years in roughly 10 days!


  1. BCG Scholars is a cool program. I suspect you'll try interviewing with them (and other consulting firms) this fall. Good luck!

  2. Yeah, it is a great program. I interviewed with them a few months ago and got an internship with them in summer 2010.

  3. Hi Orlando, Congrats! Your website has been really helpful! I also applied to the BCG program for an internship in 2011. I have my Second Round interview in the BCG Dallas Office in mid June. I read that you had your interview in Texas as well.
    Hope you enjoy your internship,


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