Friday, May 29, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I have an internship with BCG secured.

I'll write about the experience once I've had some time to recover from physical and mental exhaustion.

Tonight's Beatles tribute concert should help.

p.s. Finally I can start reading another book! I have gone over multiple sections of Case in Point way too many times.


  1. congratulations! is it for this summer or summer 2010? are you a first year student already? i know too many questions :P

  2. Hi Cozmo. This was part of a pre-MBA program. It's for summer 2010, which will be after my 1st year.

  3. congratueffinglations man! that's great news :) I need to pick me up a copy of Case in Point *knock on wood* as I've just submitted my app for Booz for an internship in London...

    ps. yay for Kellogg's VPN so I can finally post comments :)

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