Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Housing status...denied!

I got an email today informing me that I was not cool enough (that's how I interpreted it) to live in McManus, the Kellogg private dorm.

Crap. That adds a very important item to my ever-growing To-Do list. Since I can't live inside of the Kellogg bubble (snuggie to some), I'll be searching for a place to live outside of said bubble. That should provide a nice retreat when I need to relax or focus on my studies.

On the plus side, I did finish the online Math Boot Camp, which is the longest of our pre-term online prep courses. I'm working on accounting next; I'm hoping it will be somewhat easy based on the things I've learned via my costly (-36% and floundering) interest in investing.


  1. This is a blessing in disguise.

  2. Haha. Good to know. I was being lazy about it earlier, but at least now I'll have more say over where I'll be sleeping the next year.

    BTW, glad to see your blog back online.

  3. hello. this is srini. hv also been admitted to kellogg MBA class of 2011. this blog is informative and interesting. good luck with your bcg process. hope to see you soon.


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