Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grad School Prep Updates

  • I put my house up for sale 4/1 (yikes...) at market price ($180K) after spending around $3500 to get it ready for the sale
  • North Austin had a massive hail storm right before the house went up for sale. I am now in the process of working through a claim with my insurance agency. I may have to get the roof replaced
  • I've had 6-10 showings of the house so far, but no offers yet :(
  • Although I planned to look for a 1-bedroom apartment in Evanston, so that I could have a place away from "Kellogg" to retreat to when I needed to study/focus, I decided to wimp out and apply for McManus housing after seeing The Grey One's post that the app was online.

Financial Aid
  • The process of financing grad school was easier than expected (sounds like it is much more of a pain for international students)
  • Filled out my taxes, FAFSA app, and Kellogg financial aid form the first week of February
  • Received a provincial financial aid offer on March 4th via email
  • The financial aid package uses the value computed via the FAFSA as the amount that the I'm expected to cover for the school year
  • The package is a combination of loans, grants, and scholarships that covers the entire anticipated cost of the first year, including the amount I'm expected to cover
  • As mentioned in their F Aid page, scholarships are awarded throughout the process, not just when you are initially accepted. I received some scholarships via the Financial Aid package, and then another one 3 weeks later
  • I'm now searching and applying for outside scholarships; this means writing more essays. NSHMBA has a great scholarship opportunity for Hispanics

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